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What would happen if I Ran 64-bit DxDiag?

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User Info: mab2815

5 years ago#1
I press the windows button on the keyboard and typed in DxDiag, went to the display tab and on the bottom next to help it says Run 64-bit DxDiag.
Would it make my games less laggy?
Or basically what does it do?
Kinda scared to press it cause I don't know if would make my laptop run slower.
Windows 7 HP.
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User Info: Asellus

5 years ago#2
... absolutely nothing.

User Info: Dragnfyr

5 years ago#3
DXDiag doesn't do anything performance wise. All it does is give you a readout of your hardware and drivers.
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User Info: TravisCombs

5 years ago#4
Do you even know what DxDiag is?

It has absolutely nothing to do with how your computer performs.
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User Info: Sletlite

5 years ago#5
Direct X Diagnostics bro
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User Info: mab2815

5 years ago#6
Well that fricken amazing. I can press so many buttons. Just kiddin.
(>.)> e"""" \-(0o0(-/

User Info: boochy

5 years ago#7
It's like the red button you're not supposed to press... ever

don't press the button bro.
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User Info: Aeon320

5 years ago#8
Nothing, as it just tells you what your PC has. it is a (Dx)Diagnostic tool used to give a pretty accurate representation of what's inside your PC.
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User Info: thaandiesel

5 years ago#9
cept you can press taht button. if anything, it will say it wont run, has a issue, or it will run. simples.
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