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need a new video card and looking for suggestions

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User Info: FrogmasterPaul

5 years ago#1
one of the fans on my msi 560 ti 2g decided to crap out on me recently it started with a minor clicking sound that went away after it spun up and progressed to an annoying vibrating in the case and im noticing nasty performance problems in games i shouldnt and didnt have with it before the problem ( who lags in dalaran at 1 am honestly its not even on max settings)

i put in for an rma but ive never heard any positive stories about the quality and performance of an rma referbished card so im assuming its going to be a piece of crap

im just not sure if i should get a second one of these and sli them together after the rma or sli 2 cheaper ones like a 550 and maybey see a better performance out of them

price range is 250 to 300 ish for a card that will hopefully last more than 6 months( i was spoiled by my gtx 8800 it lasted me 3 years lol)

edit: my mobo is a msi p67a-g43b3
550 PS
8 gigs of ram

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User Info: Eggroll360

5 years ago#2
660ti if it ever deploys
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