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Minimum acceptable amount of USB ports on a computer?

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User Info: El_Kaz

5 years ago#11
Currently using 9 on my desktop (+ USB hub), can go up to 11 with charging cables.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

5 years ago#12
Well the topic asks what the minimum acceptable amount is, so IMO that's 4. Mouse and keyboard, and 2 others for whatever. For me its my headset and controller. I prefer more for things like charging cables, and other peripherals but I could live with 4 easily enough.

All kind of pointless when you can just buy a hub if you had less ports.
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User Info: Dante200X

5 years ago#13
Definitely 4 would be the minimum. Most people use at least 3 everyday items, so having 1 extra should be enough.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
5 years ago#14
Actually, my keyboard has two more USB ports too. USB ports everywhere...
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User Info: Orestes417

5 years ago#15
Considering hubs exist, one would suffice. Going with two though, for laptops
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User Info: CheeseCurls

5 years ago#16
1. Mouse
2. Keyboard
3. External HDD
4. Phone
5. PS3 Controller
6. Xbox Controller
7. Headset
8. Bluetooth adapter
9. Flash Drive

User Info: cody4783

5 years ago#17
Agree with 4 being minimum. Even though I use/prefer at least 6-8.

Hubs work, but unpowered ones really limit your options for more power hungry devices.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

5 years ago#18
Since I only use my desktop for gaming, pretty much, I said 4. I use a ps/2 keyboard so that's one USB slot free. I've got one on the front to plug a mouse into, one for my bluetooth dongle for motioninjoy and an extension running from the back so that I can plug my PS3 controller in to charge. I'm not using any of the other USB ports right now.
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User Info: arleas

5 years ago#19
I bought a powered USB Hub because I ran out of USB ports... I don't use everything all at once, but I'm not going to reach back there every time just to use something for 5 minutes either.

User Info: Mike_HD2

5 years ago#20
Stupid poll considering in the OP you even wrote down two separate numbers.

On a laptop i can make do with two USB ports just fine, i rarely ever plug anything in other than flash drives. Don't need a mouse because the trackpad on my MBA isn't garbage.
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