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Minimum acceptable amount of USB ports on a computer?

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User Info: CuteBeans

4 years ago#71
6 would be the minimum since all of my cases which are very cheap have 4 on the back and 2 in the front.
Beans are good for you.

User Info: ipwnu713

4 years ago#72
Currently using 8 on a desktop. Keyboard, mouse, DS3, bluetooth, external drive, iPod cable, micro usb cable, and one extra slot for whatever.
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
4 years ago#73
wackyteen posted...
3 on a laptop, 5 on a desktop. Minimum

I'd say 2 on a laptop, 3 on a desktop. Minimum.

With two USBs, you can use an AC-less USB hub, plus hopefully still have an internal card reader or such. If you have a machine with no card slot, add another USB to each value. But I still agree that more is... well, more.

I'm juggling 1.5 USB slots (one is half-dead -- it provides power, but no data) and barely managing. I've got an external hub that barely powers a cooling base and a pair of USB drives, mouse, and gamepad.
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