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If Halo 4 was a full fledged PC game, would you buy it?

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User Info: kingoffps

4 years ago#181
That's "If Halo 4 were a full fledged PC game". It's a hypothetical in the future tense, so it's not "was", it's "were".
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User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#182
Wow. @_@ It's seriously been a very long time since I saw anyone melt down as badly as Kerr has just because a few people don't absolutely love his favorite game. >_>;

He's resorted to an ad hominem campaign (he's gone way too far to just call it attacks - when he's gone as far as to convince himself that I'm lying about ever having played Halo, and dragging in a red herring topic from some time ago that has absolutely *NOTHING* to do with this topic just to try and score a point against someone else since he has nothing better to refute that person). He finally got so injured he broke down and stopped with even the thinly veiled insults and took to directly calling people idiots, ****heads, etc. I can almost hear him crying through his rage.

He's been cornered on several things and just skirts right by them. Most obvious is his continual assertion that I've never played Halo. Then there's his argument about Snuckie agreeing with me when, if he'd just read the post he's talking about, he was obviously restating DV8ing's point, not mine (although I fully agreed with the point myself, and it was more or less what I've been saying from the beginning). And that after lashing out at other people's reading abilities.

He keeps on about my comment about Halo drawing from Half-Life and Unreal, when I *did* answer him as to why I made that comment - it just wasn't an answer he liked. I also answered his challenge to Snuckie, which he also didn't like.

He later made a direct statement that he was not disputing other people's opinions. I pasted one of his previous posts where he did exactly that, and he responds by saying, "well... but... but the AI!" and lists a couple behaviors (such as characters don't get stuck on doors... were there actually any doors that opened inward/outward the way typical doors do so there WAS something for them to get stuck on? I admit it's been 11 years, but I only really remember doors that slid out into the walls, leaving nothing TO get stuck on), and follows that with some more of his own opinion on the AI, calling it fact. I would be just as correct in saying "birthday cake has sugar and frosting... it's good, and that's a fact." He COMPLETELY ignored the point of my post - which was to explicitly point out that he was caught in a lie right in this very topic - he claimed to not have attacked other people's opinions, and I pointed out with proof exactly where he did so.

I'd about bet money he's gone on over to one of his other boards to cry about the mean little GameFAQs people again making fun of his favorite game and hurting his feelings. Thing is, I don't think one single person in this topic (I could be wrong - it's gotten long) has actually said Halo was a BAD game. Somehow tho, we apparently ripped out Kerr's soul when we said it wasn't really anything special.

We're sorry Kerr... We didn't mean to rip out your soul, but that still will not change our opinion of Halo. We know you love it, and we're OK with that. Lots of people love Halo, and that's OK. But what hopefully you'll grow up to learn someday is that lots of people *aren't* in love with Halo, and that's OK too.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#183
From: Kerr Avon | #163
Snuckie7 posted...

And where the hell did you get the idea I was agreeing with exactly what KillerTruffle was saying? Where in this entire topic did I even address his argument? Dark was right about you being full if s***, because you are just spewing it right now.

You said "No he's pretty spot on. All the things you listed Halo does decently, but there are other games that do the same things better. Therefore, jack of all trades, master of none."

That is agreeing with him. How can even you say now that you didn't mean literally what you said in that post.

Saying "No he's pretty spot on" is agreeing with him. What else could you possibly have meant?

And you say I'm full of ****

I just wanted to save this post for posterity, in case Kerr comes back to delete it. It made me giggle.
"How do I get rid of a Trojan Horse?" -Sailor_Kakashi
"Leave it outside the gates of Troy overnight." -Davel23

User Info: WaterSphere

4 years ago#184
I would.
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User Info: Jonny2284

4 years ago#185
It'd be the kind of game I'd pick up two years after release in a sale (which is pretty much how I treated the first 5 entries in the series). They're alright games, nothing to get excited over though.

User Info: Snuckie7

4 years ago#186
DarkZV2Beta posted...
Kerr Avon posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
Poor Halo fanbrats, getting so worked up over their mediocre shooter.
Guess your console was pretty desolate back then.

Wow, a DarkZV2Beta post that's nothing but anti-console fanboysim. Didn't see that one coming...

What is ironic is that even though DarkZV2Beta has posted in this thread (and remember that DarkZV2Beta once claimed in all honesty that any framerate less than 120 fps is unplayable) he's still not the most ridiculous poster in the thread.

Oh look, Kerr Avon is making up random bull**** to try to justify his butthurt again.

I'd also like to throw some light on this exchange too. I distinctly recall Dark saying how he ran most of games at 80-90fps, and also how he ran the new Crysis at 60 fps. Kerr Avon, you really are full of s***.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#187
Lol poor kerr. I wonder if he'll be that crazy when he's an adult.

User Info: Freak_Show

4 years ago#188
Tribes 1 was so much better than halo in every way. Released around the same time too.

Quake 1 an 2 were both better than halo and out way before.

Halo is just a generic shooter for console gamers that were not used to a good shooters.
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User Info: spardasieg

4 years ago#189
Kerr Avon posted...
spardasieg posted...
Yes looks much better then 3, didn't care for that one, liked the 2nd one best honestly.

3 was very good in parts, but I hated the organic sections, and it did at times seem like they went for levels that looked great rather than played great. But overall it was very good, though I do think that 1 and 2 are better than 3.

Yeah thats why I hated it, seriously its the only game that ever gave me a panic attack...O_o.
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User Info: hitokiri13

4 years ago#190
I wish it ended at 2. Funny how I like many tv shows series to extent but games like should have ended at 2. Tired of wasting money to just to finish the story.
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