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What tools do you realistically need to assemble a computer?

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User Info: KidInTheHall

4 years ago#11
Probably building a bomb inside so he could sell it and send it to some government officials kid or something. F***ing terrorist.
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User Info: gastaman

4 years ago#12
Pretty much just a screw driver. Optionally, I would like to have something to pick up screws in case they drop into the case and something to cut zip ties with.
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User Info: CatToy

4 years ago#13
Stopthink posted...

And a thick thumb nail in exchange for a screw driver.

Realistically though, I keep a small flashlight handy as well.
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User Info: SpazH3d

4 years ago#14
Your braaaaaaaain. It's really not that complicated. And stop using the word realistically.
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User Info: sprites7

4 years ago#15
One straight and one philips screwdriver , and it's good.
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User Info: Treason686

4 years ago#16
It's nice to have something magnetic to pick up screws if you drop them in the case. Also, I have a magnetic LED light with a hook. I either hook it somewhere on the case, or stick the magnet to something. It's actually designed for a car, but it works really well for a PC, too. Especially if you're wiring the front panel.

So I'd say the essential kit is:
Magnetic LED light
Philips screwdriver with a long neck
Magnet to pick up screws dropped, or even just a magnetized screwdriver.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

4 years ago#17
Yeah a light is handy. I have a headlamp that works great when not working in ideal lighting conditions. 1 preferably magnetized philips 1 or 2 screwdriver and some decent lighting is all the usual build needs.

Before someone chimes in with the magnetized screwdriver being risky... its not. Do some research.
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User Info: brainlack

4 years ago#18
the best
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