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Post your Desktop screenshot!

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User Info: __Cam__

4 years ago#1
You're awesome.

User Info: Nineteen99

4 years ago#2
"Words cannot describe how screwed I am..."-Phoenix Wright
Currently Playing: Bastion

User Info: Ratchet611

4 years ago#3
^ Jelly of that Strike Suit Zero background
FX-6100 - XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB - 8GB Patriot Gamer 2 - CM HAF 912 - 500GB - HIVE 550w - 1920x1080 - 23" Acer

User Info: __Cam__

4 years ago#4
Nineteen99 posted...

Wow, that's not excessive.
You're awesome.

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
4 years ago#5
I was talking to the parrot - Poirot

User Info: TheC0ndemnedOne

4 years ago#6
Nice, simple, and doesn't make my translucent taskbar look weird.
It used to be this:
but I thought it looked a little grainy (and it made the taskbar look a bit weird).

User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#7
I used to have a ton of Rainmeter stuff, but it slowed my computer too much to bother with.
And my background changes way too often to pin down, but here it is currently:
*poke* *jiggle*

User Info: Acdcfantony

4 years ago#8
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.- Jimi Hendrix

User Info: blt123Seng

4 years ago#9

Dock is usually on auto hide.
"What will I do if everything goes ALL DIGITAL, easy GO OFF THE GRID." - RKOMe2011

User Info: DaedalusEx

4 years ago#10
Step aside, *****es
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