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Post your Desktop screenshot!

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User Info: Pyrotechnixxx

4 years ago#51
New Link posted...
Pyrotechnixxx posted...

Same one I've had for long time.

I like it, that Conky on the right?

Rainmeter, actually. The Enigma skin, to be exact.
Fear is a leash.

User Info: Knight2520

4 years ago#52
From: AlkVelron | #025
Excuse the mess. I'm so busy working on various things that It's just not worth keeping it clean.

Sauce image pls?

From: GunSlinger092 | #034

This one too.
can u even count 30 in 1 second? no, u can't. so u can't tell difference between 30fps and 60fps. stupid. -Shinobier-

User Info: Incendia_Intus

4 years ago#53
GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 | i5-2500K @ 4.5GHz| Phantek PH-TC14PE| EVGA GTX 580 | G.SKILL Sniper 8GB | OCZ Vertex 2 40GB | WD Caviar Black 1TB | HAF 912

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#54
No fancy add-ons for me...

And no, I have not idea where that picture is from. I just Googled "mountain" (or something) the day I built the computer and haven't bothered to change it.
MOS 6510 @ 1.023 MHz // MOS VIC-II 6567 // 64 kB RAM // 20 kB ROM // 3ch MOS 6581 SID // 1541 FDD // Datasette
3DS: 4897-5935-1924; NN, Steam: CrimsonEnigma

User Info: lucarioforprez

4 years ago#55
Finally switched my main OS, Ubuntu, to an arch based OS. OpenBox DE looks pretty sleek.
GT: Ten Desires
I will give a cookie to whoever knows what my gamertag is a reference to :)

User Info: seryou101

4 years ago#56
Source 210 White | I7-970 4.3ghz | Gigabyte 7870 1220/1450 | 12gb G.Skill | NZXT 750w | P6X58-E Pro | Sceptre X270W-1080P 27''

User Info: greekgamer

4 years ago#57
I should get that start menu program. want to wait to see what windows 8,1 will do.
[ = [__] = ]
[ + [__] -:- ]

User Info: Nocturne190

4 years ago#58

Here's mine.
I'm actually a giant fan of Windows 8, thus the clock.
PSN/XBL gothicasuwung.
3770// GTX 670 + GTX 460 PHYSX// 12GB RAM// BlackWidow Ultimate Mech Keyboard// Razer Mamba mouse

User Info: Rheygar

4 years ago#59

Still messing around with it. Want to get temp listed on the left as well, but don't want it to look too busy.

lucarioforprez where did you get the wallpaper?

User Info: TheGhost808

4 years ago#60
i7 3930k @4.0ghz | GA-X79-UP4 | Corsair 850ax | 16gb 1600mhz GSkill Ripjaws | GTX Titan | 240gb + 480gb Corsair SSD 500 Gb HDD| Windows 7 pro 64 | Phantom 410
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