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When you guys max out a game, do you enable vertical sync?

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  3. When you guys max out a game, do you enable vertical sync?

User Info: imowfaces

4 years ago#31
Had no idea vsync causes input lag. I'm going have to take it off see if it better i've had my 60 hertz monitor for like a year now and just always turned on vsync.
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User Info: g7g7g7g7

4 years ago#32
Never use in game V-sync

NvCP or RadeonPRO adaptive V-sync.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#33
I leave it off. Just because of the input lag, even if I am under 60fps (calm down guys) I leave it off.
I'd rather just sit through the screen tearing, which sometimes can be pretty bad.

It isn't much of an issue these days as my desktop is so out dated that only emulators can it get 60fps on.

I tried to measure the input lag by emulating guitar hero and using their lag calibration.
I got my Plasma TV down to 45ms (playing with settings on the TV, and practice using a gamepad instead of a guitar). Then I turned on vsync and the latency went up to 250ms, even though it was locked at 60fps.
-Edit, using my 9600 gt
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4 years ago#34
Not for the benchmark, but for actually playing the game I have to turn it on. One of the most annoying things to possibly see in games is screen tearing.
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User Info: DSMobster

4 years ago#35
Mr kitty posted...
Vsync doesn't put that much input lag when the graphic card is strong enough. When it's weak it can be troublesome.

I get 200+fps in some games
if I turn on vsync in those games, the input delay is unbearable

(two games would be Team Fortress 2 and Bleed)

User Info: itachi1997

4 years ago#36
rareware101 posted...
I just leave adaptive on in the Nvidia control panel.
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  3. When you guys max out a game, do you enable vertical sync?

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