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Is the GTX 660 still a good card?

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User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#41
protools1983 posted...
aak57 posted...
protools1983 posted...
I'll admit my mistakes in judgment but you guys telling me it's not possible to run Crysis 3 at 1080p at max and smooth for that matter are ridiculous. I absolutely can and have no reason to lie.

No, you cannot. You clearly just stated that you aren't actually running games at max settings. You aren't maxing Tomb Raider either. I have a 670 OCed past a stock 680's performance and I get like 40-50FPS in TR on actual max settings.

Stop saying you're maxing things when you admit that you are not running things maxed out.

I can max all games.

I can max all games too, but I can't run all of them at 60 fps. I run Tomb Raider with max settings at 49fps average.
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User Info: Zmapper33

3 years ago#42
I only got a GTX650TI Boost and it runs all games out now on near max (stupid stuff that makes no visual difference down like highest AA, super complex shadows) at 45+ fps. To me this is perfectly acceptable. I would suggest buying the 660 or even the card I got since it is cheap then upgrade in a year or so, now really isn't the best time to upgrade in my opinion. Developers are going to start increasing specs soonish.
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