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Need advice on my current pc build before purchase!

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User Info: spanishbob

4 years ago#31
rareware101 posted...
Airflow is what keeps things cool; you want the fans working in unison to keep air flowing through in a controlled manner. Full towers can actually be harder to cool as its harder for the fans to move the air through the case well with all the extra space in there.

I was going say this. You beat me to it. *sniffle*

Also I would recommend Scan, Ebuyer and Overclockers too. Scan especially; their service is excellent.

User Info: assassinslord08

4 years ago#32
Ok so after looking through th scan website it most defiantly is cheaper! I changed the ram to 2x8gb I upgraded the psu to 650w and upgraded the ssd the a Samsung evo 250gb and upgraded the gigabyte gtx770 2gb to a 4gb version.

What do you all think of it?
This is a list of most of the parts ( I put it together on the part picker site just to link it here instead of having 10 links for different parts )
This is the chosen case,
This is the evo ssd as it wasnt on the part pickers site

Overal cost is £1145.48

Windows 8 I already have as I said at the top of the topic so I don't have to factor that cost in.

What do you guys think of it?

User Info: rareware101

4 years ago#33
Erm.. case is hideous lol Cases design is very subjective though and we don't all like the same thing. The only thing I would say is that is doesn't appear to have removable HHD cages so you could struggle to fit an 11" card in there. Check out some reviews and if you're happy pull the trigger. There's not much more I can say on cases that I already haven't.

You're missing a CPU cooler. You can go with the bog standard Intel one but you really want to get a decent one - it will lower temps, be quieter and allow you to overclock your CPU if you wish to.

4GB card is tricky. At 1080p it's probably overkill unless playing a game with huge textures. If you're not going to miss the extra cash though I'd say get it.

For cases I'd hand over to the rest of the board as I know next to nothing about the sort of cases you're after (I go for the plain ones like I said). Perhaps the NZXT Phantom? I dunno :D

Have a look on this channel perhaps:

Like I said though if I were buying again today I'd get an R4 in black or white as they've fixed all the tiny niggles from my R2:

Old video but for this reason when you compare Fractal to something similar:
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(message deleted)

User Info: r0ge00

4 years ago#35
You don't need to spend £100 on a PSU, the one you had before was more than fine. I'd opt for a different case again. You can get a case that performs well and has great features and just add some colored LEDs later if you want those.

User Info: assassinslord08

4 years ago#36
Ah damn knew I would forget something, what CPU fan would be decent for this tower?

The case says it fits high end VGA cards up to 295 mm I checked 11 inches is only 279.4 mm
This should be ok shouldn't it?

I like the case for some reason it just looks.... Different

User Info: rareware101

4 years ago#37
It will fit if those are the specs. You could always go for the MSI TwinFrozr as it's a little shorter.. The Windforce will be a bit quieter from what I remember when looking at the same two coolers when buying my 670. Neither are really very loud though.

For a cooler there's really no need to go for more than:

One other thing I thought you might need some advice on is setting up your SSD:

- Just connect that one drive until you've installed the OS as there's a very small chance Windows can get a bit funky during install. You'd in all likelihood be fine but it doesn't hurt to connect your HDD afterwards.
- Go into your BIOS and set the SATA ports to AHCI before starting to install Windows
- Once installed and into Windows run Windows Experience Index as it's supposed to configure the drive
- Check WEI has actually done what it's supposed to
- I doubt you'll use it so turn hibernation off to save space on the SSD. Type "powercfg -h off" without the quotation marks from a command prompt
- This often starts a flamewar but don't fill up your SSD completely as TRIM and garbage collection works better that way. People say ignore this but if you check the manual with your Samsung drive it will say to leave space. About 9% from what I remember from the last time I got into a row on here about it :)

That's it. Enjoy your speedy drive but never defrag it with a 3rd party program and just let WIndows do it all automatically.
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User Info: assassinslord08

4 years ago#38
I have. Small question about the ssd. It's going to sound noob ish,
What is the difference between ssd and a normal? Is a ssd just faster at loading or is an ssd used for things like windows update and driver updates? I really haven't looked into it before

User Info: rareware101

4 years ago#39
SSDs are MUCH faster than HDDs - think 10-15 seconds from pressing power to a fully loaded desktop and games loading much more quickly. General usage will be snappier as well so that when you you're opening programs they're straight up with generally no waiting. They also have no moving parts so no noise and heat generated.

You use you SSD for WIndows and games and use the slower HDD for storage (movies, music, photos etc.) as they don't benefit from the speed increase.

With a 250GB drive you can fit your OS on there (about 20GB) and all your programs (call it another 20GB) and then the rest for games. This does mean that depending on the size of your Steam library you may not be able to fit everything you own in it at once. You can just install and uninstall stuff as you see fit or Google a program called Steam mover. With a 250GB drive though I'd just uninstall stuff if needed because how many games do you realistically need installed at once?
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User Info: assassinslord08

4 years ago#40
I think my steam library was at 100 games however my girlfriend will be using this too and her library is almost at 100 ( different games ) would it be wise for me to downsize the 2tb to 1tb and upgrade the evo to a 1tb?
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