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I google "fire emblem"; auto fill googles "firefox" instead.

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  3. I google "fire emblem"; auto fill googles "firefox" instead.

User Info: KillerTruffle

4 years ago#11
Relentless639 posted...
The computer doesn't lag, it's FF that lags, or the internet is not speedy enough.
I am actually not even sure if it's this way. I type really fast, without mistakes and I think I am at: "fire em_" when it changes to firefox, or fills it like: "firefoxlem"
I want the dynamic list since it's helpful most of the time if I am unsure what exactly I want to search for. But i wouldn't mind disabling the search results that appear while I don't execute the search myself.
Where do I turn that off?

Uh... doesn't dynamic mean it gives you results *without* you having to execute the search? Honestly, dynamic never saved me any time really, and pressing Enter to execute the search is just as fast as typing the word. Seems to me like waiting till you execute the search would mean you turn off dynamic search.
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  3. I google "fire emblem"; auto fill googles "firefox" instead.

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