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NVIDIA drivers repeatedly crashing and recovering. GPU dying or bad drivers?

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4 years ago#1
So, this morning when I fired up Civilization v, my screen blacked out and my drivers crashed and recovered. This happened constantly about 3 times, crashing and recovering. Restarted, same thing, except now it started happening when I I was using Firefox and whatnot, general computer stuff, but oohing graphic intensive.

I was using the latest drivers (released July 1st,I believe) so I decided to try rolling back to the previous drivers. No luck, same thing. Googling around, someone said that changing the PCIe bus to 2.0 will fix it. Tried that and it seemed to have worked, I mean, the was able to use Firefox and whatnot without the display drivers crashing on me.

I tried launching a game (FTL) to see if they would crash when running a game.... After plating for about 5 minutes, drivers crashed, screen blanked out, blue screen. Now I can't even go into Windows anymore without the drivers crashing on me and the screen blanking out

I'm not even sure what the cause of this is because I haven't made any changes at all hardware or software wise. This only started happening today , everything was working fine yesterday. I have an EVga GTX 570 bought in may 2011.not a overheating problem at all because my temperatures are fine, according to MSI Afterburner.

Anyone know what the cause of this issue is? Is my graphics card dying?
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User Info: SScorpio

4 years ago#2
It sounds like it's most likely your graphics card, but it could be your PSU starting to go and not supplying enough power to the graphics card.


4 years ago#3
You are probably right, seeing as how Windows won't even go to the login screen anymore. My PC Power and cooling PSU was bought in 2007 so it's been a while.
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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#5
Sounds like a hardware problem if it happens with multiple driver versions that previously worked fine.

Either that or something else is glitching up in the system settings.

Try doing a system restore to before the problem started and see if that helps. If it doesn't, then you have a hardware problem.
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User Info: jake-sf

4 years ago#6
It could be your power supply, for sure. Although I've had problems like this pop out of nowhere at one time, and increasing the voltage through MSI Afterburner (not much) stopped it from crashing. (just don't exceed any amount considered safe, I think MSI only gives you safe options though).

And yes, it CAN be driver related. If you can, do a system restore to a point where this issue was obviously not there. That also fixed a similar issue I had in the past. (I realize you said you rolled back your drivers, but a system restore is more thorough. I doubt the drivers alone cause this, it has to be more like some sort of incompatibility or some such, god knows)

User Info: rainedown

4 years ago#7
Killah Priest posted...
FTL overheats my GPU unless I enable the framerate limiter

I'd definitely check your heat levels before sending the card back or getting a new one. It's possible your heat flow isn't getting out of the case, in which case the problem isn't going to be fixed even with a new card (which may make it worse, if you upgrade and get one running hotter than the one you have now),

User Info: Snuckie7

4 years ago#8
GTX 570 eh? Maybe you blew a VRM.
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User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

4 years ago#10
Try re-seating your GPU.
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