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Any PC rpg's like Suikoden?

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User Info: Illuminoius

4 years ago#11
wouldn't it be better to get a good game instead


4 years ago#12
When it comes to JRPG, you are even better off with a game boy advance than a PC. Final fantasy 7 was just released. You might be interested in that, though you have probably played it before.
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User Info: Golden_Gonads

4 years ago#13
Shining Force 1&2 (Old Megadrive/Genesis games) are available on Steam. They're both great turn-based RPG's (Especially the second) with very large parties and good stories.

User Info: Agdistis

4 years ago#14
Mwulf posted...
aak57 posted...
If JRPGs are what you seek, PC is not where you should look.

Actually, if JRPGs are what you seek, PC is rapidly becoming the best place to look.

Because you can play decade-old games you already played on console?

User Info: Riot55555

4 years ago#15
The Last Remnant is pretty awesome even though it got a bad rap on the 360. I think it's a fantastic game with a fun battle system that is really challenging. You build and control a large army at a time, made up of smaller units with the different characters you recruit. It's the closest thing I can think of being a JRPG with recruitable characters and large-scale turn based combat.
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User Info: giglamesh99

4 years ago#16
I would recommend running emulators. Can't really think of any turn based rpgs for pc. The last remnant like someone else mentioned comes to mind.

Dragon Age maybe if you pause the combat between turns

The witcher 1 also maybe. You time your mouse clicks when fighting, and have magic you can use. The story is really good too. Although you only play as 1 character.

User Info: SpazH3d

4 years ago#17
The Mass Effect serious goddamn it.
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