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Resolution issue with Deus Ex HR

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User Info: CplDingo

4 years ago#1
I know this should be posted in the Deus Ex HR forum...and it is, I just want to diversify...also these threads are more trafficked than the DX:HR forum.

I have a problem that maybe someone can help me with. I cannot get the game to run in 1920x1080. The option in the settings menu doesn't even appear. Apparently the max resolution i can have is 1300x768...or something like that. I currently have the rig hooked up to an HDTV that is 1080 capable. Infact I run all my other games at 1920x1080.
Also when I turn DX11 off I can set the game to 1080...however when I am using DX11 the max is 1300x768.
I run a GTX 660, with 2.8 ghz quad core...I know I can just about max this game...
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Spring Break Iraq 08
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