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Last game you played start to finish before playing anything else?

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User Info: Steamster

4 years ago#11
Civilization V, considering each game is self-contained and all.

But realistically it's probably Fight Night Champion, since I was in the mood for some boxing, and it's not like the campaign took all that long.

When it comes to PC then I can't recall. I play pick-up-and-play games just for thirty or so minutes to relax in between heftier games.

User Info: gamewizard11

4 years ago#12
Uncharted 2. Not too hard since it is pretty short, but its addicting and a very good game either way.
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User Info: lionheart5656

4 years ago#13
Mark of the Ninja
Shooting blanks, every time, all the time.

User Info: rainedown

4 years ago#14
I want to say bioshock infinite...but a friend and I rented Deadpool for a day and plate straight through. Pretty funny at points but wow, so mediocre in gameplay lol.

User Info: games_pot1

4 years ago#15
The Warriors with a friend.

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#16
Most of all my games because I don't have a short attention span and I pick good games.

User Info: Nineteen99

4 years ago#17
"Words cannot describe how screwed I am..."-Phoenix Wright
Currently Playing: Bastion, Torchlight 2

User Info: SS4Ricky

4 years ago#18
PC? DmC.
Handheld? Fire emblem, then monster hunter.
Console? Been too long to remember.
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User Info: Lonestar2000

4 years ago#19
Company of Heroes 2
Rumble Roses. Someone enters the room.
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User Info: lkman

4 years ago#20
Assassin Creed, this is the last game and first game I had played in steam in ages.
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  3. Last game you played start to finish before playing anything else?

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