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Last game you played start to finish before playing anything else?

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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#21
Last of us
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User Info: snaggleoooo

4 years ago#22
Mass Effect 3. I was so keen to see how everything went, so I just pounded it out with no interuptions. That isn't like me at all; I generally last a week at best on a game before I get bored and try something else (although I always come back at some stage).

User Info: julio77777

4 years ago#23
Dark Souls.

User Info: Dwreak

4 years ago#24
Metroid: Zero Mission, just got to the stealth part, when I just started it last night. I'm no speed runner @_@

User Info: svr2006gawd

4 years ago#25
Skyrim. Been playing it non-stop lately.
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 years ago#26
The Last of Us. Before that, Bioshock Infinite. Tomb Raider. That's pretty much all the games I've beaten this year.

User Info: Scisor50

4 years ago#27
Fatal Frame 2 actually. Just was bored and decided to sit in front of my Wii all night long. And finished it. =D

User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#28
Hotline Miami.
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User Info: GamersTavern

4 years ago#29
If you're talking about new games that I bought recently, then Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, though I admittedly struggled a bit to finish that one. It was okay, but I've been having trouble getting through any game that's longer than 2 hours as of late.
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User Info: bigjig777

4 years ago#30
The Last of Us
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