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Do you still try to go for 100% completion rates?

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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#21
From: Golden_Gonads | #003
I never did. Getting beyond say 90% always seemed more like a chore than a game,

Pretty much this. I don't go for 100% because that doesn't interest me as much. There have been a few games where I was reasonably sure I did almost everything there was to do in it, but there weren't achievements or anything to show I made 100% complete on it.

User Info: J__Hook

3 years ago#22
I can probably could my 100%'d games on one hand. I did it for GTA: VC and SA, but it's a lot of work for little reward.

I have a big enough backlog that I should be focusing on going through games just to play them, rather than dragging other games on to 100% them.

User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#23
Often, it also brings good video material sometimes.

SR3 and Digimon World being the latest two at 100%.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

3 years ago#24
No... god no. | |

User Info: AlexTheNextOne

3 years ago#25
I remember back then, as a silly little 12 year-old, when I told myself "Once my buddy is done with FFVII, I'll borrow his PS1 and start a second playthrough to get a 100% file. EVERYTHING."

Yeah, that turned out greeeeat.
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User Info: Dorami

3 years ago#26
Yes, if I like the game enough to 100% it (though I've never gone for perfect saves like 99 of every item and such). This is the same approach I took as a child.

When faced with time constraints, I chose to reduce the number of games I play rather than the depth to which I play them. I recognize that it is ultimately my choice as to what I do with my gaming time. This is simply another aspect of taking responsibility for my actions as an adult.
"Why do ppl say Steam/PC has DRM? The only thing steam does is prevent piracy, and there's nothing wrong with that." - Oil_Rope_Bombs

User Info: Kaushad

3 years ago#27
I complete games that can be completed. Games like Just cause 2 where if you tried to complete it you would be there for years no.
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User Info: ArthasReborn

3 years ago#29
I don't have the patience for that anymore, especially when it's stuff like Faerie Solitaire where the last damn egg has an absurdly low drop rate :<
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