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Do you guys know anybody in real life who don't got a PC?

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  3. Do you guys know anybody in real life who don't got a PC?

User Info: Lonestar2000

4 years ago#11
Snot topic.
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User Info: Mudkip57

4 years ago#12
My mother doesn't. I even gave her my old laptop but she feels like she doesn't need it so she never learned how to use it

User Info: valeski2236

4 years ago#13
My gf doesn't. I do plan on buying her one because she likes to play wow, but it hasn't really been a priority since she mostly just plays skyrim on my 360.
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User Info: lightpeak

4 years ago#14
To better define the TC sentence here, there is generally quite a significant number of people who does not OWN a PC but have USED one.

Personally I know plenty of people especially during my college years who simply does not own a PC but have used one. Funny trend though that there are way more people who owns a smartphone than a PC these days.

User Info: J__Hook

4 years ago#15
I know quite a few people with Macs, but i feel that answer is a bit of a cop-out lol 4-TIME SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS New York Giants (offseason)

User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#16
I have a few aunts and uncles who've replaced their old PCs with tablets.

My sister and brother in law are in a similar boat-- they have her old laptop from when she was in college so they do technically own a computer, but I don't think they use it, just their phones and an iPad.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#17
My dad and everyone older than him. My nephew doesn't have one, but he really wants one. | |

User Info: Dragonspawn1319

4 years ago#18
I know a number of people without pc's. In fact I'm the only person out of all my friends who games on a pc, they all either stick to consoles or just don't play video games. These days people seem to prefer having a tablet or smartphone for casual use.

User Info: Golden_Gonads

4 years ago#19
Several, and none of them are in anyway crippled by the lack.

... Except for when it comes to applying for jobs, as more and more companies are accepting applications online only these days.

User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#20
Yeah, my one set of grandparents have never used one. I think my grandpa died without ever touching one, and my grandma realizes they are useful but doesn't want to take the time to learn how to use one. Plus, I think she's afraid she would waste all her time on the internet.
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  3. Do you guys know anybody in real life who don't got a PC?

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