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Divinity: Dragon Commander

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User Info: Mwulf

4 years ago#11
I played the beta, posted a list of things I needed to be fixed on the Larian forum... and would you believe it, every single item I marked was fixed.

I've put 4 hours into the game already, and I'm absolutely loving it. The actual RTS combat, which I expected to be the weakest element of the game, is surprisingly engaging. Everything is designed to encourage--and necessitate--rapid expansion, which makes the battle pretty fast-paced and fun.

And I'm honestly very, very impressed by the AI. It's genuinely good. The harder difficulties require a great deal of attention and present a very real challenge, but even on the easier difficulties the AI is active and intelligent. On the campaign map, I've had the enemy sieze entire provinces due to a moment's inattention; in battle, I've been--and I can't stress this enough--flanks.

I've been flanked by AI.

I've been playing RTS games for decades, and I've never seen AI clever enough to discover a hidden route to the back of my main base, let alone use that route to dump a big-ass army on me. And that was with Easy AI.

I highly, highly recommend the game. Turning into a dragon is certainly a lot of fun, but even -without- that feature, the game would be more than worth the price of entry.


One thing I should point out: the "single player campaign" is essentially just a long tutorial--it's a small strategy map, where player abilities are staggered somewhat. But there are a whole lot of "Custom campaign" maps you can choose from which are much larger, and incorporate all of the RPG aspects from the single player campaign, greatly increasing the game's SP replayability.

I can only hope that Larian (or modders) will make even more custom campaign maps in the future.
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User Info: Amici

4 years ago#12
The guys at NeoGAF are loving this game. My Steam download can't finish soon enough. It's also now at number one popular game on Steam. I wish this game gets immense success, because not a lot of companies are ballsy enough to create such a unique game like this. Everything seems to be crafted with love and passion for the game.
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