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New build questions

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User Info: DCdemonic1

3 years ago#1
I haven't used a gaming PC for 10-15 years and am thinking about building another one instead of getting a next gen console. My brother gave me a case he used and loved prior to moving years back and I was wondering if it would be sufficient for building a new rig to save some money. It doesn't have a PSU.

I'm not sure of my budget, probably $1000.

CPU: I know most people recommend the i5-4670k over something like the AMD FX-8320 but would the Intel be worth the added cost?
Video Card: I'm looking at either a GTX 660 ti or Radeon 7950, something around the $225-250 range.
RAM: 8 GB should suffice
HDD: I'd like to have a SSD for windows 7 if it can be fit into the budget and worth the cost. A 1TB drive would be needed for Linux, data storage, and possibly for installing the games for windows if more space is needed.

I have a copy of Windows 7 OEM, keyboard, mouse, speakers, Samsung 223BW monitor and want to also hook up and use a Toshiba 46G300u3 HDTV for when gaming. I'd like something that will last 5-6 years with minimal upgrades, even if that means lowering to high or medium settings down the road. I don't need to maintain ultra settings on games, 1080p on the TV with a smooth framerate is what I'd like.
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