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I have never played an MMO

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User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#11
If you like Kotor, you'll probably like Tor.

It's way more grindy than Kotor, but all the quests have some story. Some are pretty pitiful, but most have something interesting going for them. But compared to most MMO's, it's fine.

The one thing I really liked was how you could play as anyone- before it was just a jedi (or a fallen Jedi), but now you can be a bounty hunter, a fully fledged Sith, a republic trooper or (my personal favourite) an Imperial Agent.

I recommend giving it a go, and playing through it at least once. The F2P is fine unless you want to do lots of PvP/raiding, or you want to do 'endgame' content.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#12
uhohjonah posted...
They aren't exactly the best but the "MMO"s I always enjoyed are Realm of the Mad God and Spiral Knights.

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