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What's the best IPS monitor I can get for around $300?

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User Info: AshWilliams78

4 years ago#11
I would also like to add that I would like it to have a HDMI and a DVI connection. That way I can have both my PC and PS3 plugged in at the same time.
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User Info: Conker

4 years ago#12
TheFeshPince posted...
GabrielVan posted...
If you want 16:9, that Dell U2312HM linked earlier is a great deal. I don't recommend 27" 1080p monitors. Games look fine, but general computing will be lackluster.

lol you wouldn't want your general computing to be lackluster.

That's what I do the majority of the time I'm on mine, and I also work out of home so I do a lot of work on it as well...the resolution/DPI, text sharpness, color quality, rendering for sites/images, and other things I notice more of a difference for general computing than in most games.

I also have a 27" Catleap at 2560x1440.
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User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
4 years ago#13
I have the Dell U2312HM and i don't like it because of the anti glare coating. So many people recommend this monitor and never explain the flaws of bad anti glare coating and how it looks on white and light backgrounds. The older expansive ultra sharps had it to so even if the monitors are expansive it can still have bad anti glare coating.

I have the dell S2340m which is a semi glossy monitor that i got for $140. No ghosting or input lag in games from what I can tell. Looks much better when you don't have to look at the anti glare coating. It can be slightly annoying with the minor mirror like image you can get when lights are on but the trade off is worth it for not having to look at permanent dust on my screen.

You get a better and cleaner image overall when the lights are off on the S2340m monitor than you would on the dell U2312HM. Only semi glossy now till i die ***** anti glare coating.
Combo Master
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  3. What's the best IPS monitor I can get for around $300?

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