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Can I run Skyrim,

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User Info: Fitzler

4 years ago#11
First of all, I am completely Surprised no-one else suggested this but,
It checks every bit of your pc and gives you a performance expectation for your computer and how it will handle that game and if you have the right conditions to run it.

That being said,

Morrowind is awesome but i suggest getting the mods to pretty it up a little bit and maybe even the map marker mod, because i spent countless hours staring at the map, and making logs in notes just to make sure i was headed to the right place, the areas aren't highlighted like they are now like in oblivion and skyrim.

Oblivion is most likely besides the second elder scrolls my Favorite, the pc version just blew me away. There is also a mod for Oblivion that makes the textures and res the same as skyrim very very nice and gentle details.

Skyrim is Great for pc, but i found that it glitches a bit more then the ps3 and 360 versions (yes i have all of them im just that nerd)

User Info: MediaEngine_PRX

4 years ago#12
Dude if you have spend around that much, at least get something like this:"+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+500GB+Hard+Drive/9130065.p?id=1218990135826&skuId=9130065#tab=overview

Double the cpu performance and it'll run skyrim too.
Samsung Series 7 | i7-3635QM @ 2.4-3.4 | HD 8770M | 8GB DDR3| 1TB 5400RPM | W8
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