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Best NHL game for PC?

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User Info: Logical_One

4 years ago#11
Sadly, there are no decent hockey games on PC. The NHL series is one of the only reasons I even own a console anymore. It is literally the only game I do play when I happen to turn my console on (and the odd exclusive here and there, of course).

Maybe they will decide to port it over for the current generation, however, with the direction the engine has been going I think part of the reason it has yet to appear on PC is that there are no valid control schemes with a KB/mouse. PC gamers would complain about needing to play with a controller exclusively and EA may not want to deal with it.. Realistically, NHL (starting with 07 on consoles) can NOT be played comfortably with a KB/mouse--I seriously don't think it can be done.
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User Info: chrono625

4 years ago#12
I think this gen you will see more sport games being brought over to PC.

The architecture is a lot similar now than before so I think devs will be more willing to bring it over to PC since it will be easier. - Super Bowl XLVI Champions - NY Giants
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User Info: PepsiWithCoke

4 years ago#13
YoungAdultLink posted...

The nostalgia....It burns.....

User Info: ThePHiLsTeR

4 years ago#14
PepsiWithCoke posted...
YoungAdultLink posted...

The nostalgia....It burns.....

Is this game supposed to be good. Looks over simple.
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