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Anyone else with a 'LEAP Motion'?

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User Info: Garhinder

4 years ago#11
Damn, it's bad? I was actually close to buying one, and a friend another one. I even registered as a developer last week.

I guess I'll have to read up some more about how it's been doing.

User Info: numbers12345678

4 years ago#12
That's a shame.

I had envisioned a device like what it seemed to be working well with the Rift. Imagine raising your hand while you play, to use an interface, and you actually see your hand raise in the game. Approximately 1:1. I think that would add such a cool feel, if you already have it in your mind that you'll be working with virtual interfaces in the game environment (and not expect force feedback... though that could be worked in with specialized gloves eventually).

Looking down and seeing your legs is one thing. Raising your hand and seeing that in front of you (in another skin)... that would be awesome.

The beginning of this video is an example of the kind of interface that could have been possible, had the product been more than what it sounds like it is:

I still hope and believe something will work out that could make that possible. I can see VR hugs in the near future too (that's probably closer and very doable with PC-rigged Kinects or Kinect 2.0s -- and yeah they'll probably be pretty lol-worthy, but it would still be a step-up for character movement and interaction).
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