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Can you help me upgrade my pc?

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User Info: merqabah

4 years ago#1
hey guys, im skipping over xboxone, i used to play exclusively on the pc until 2005 when i decided to not have a pc anymore,
id like to get a good gaming pc, currently i have an

intel i5, 650, 3.20 ghz quad; 8 gb ram and a geforce 770 gtx with 2 gb

i dont use it for gaming , but id like to be able to compete with next gen, since i will return to gaming on this rig, so...

is my riggood enough?, i mean i dont want ultra settings, just good enough to compete, maybe best console versions

thanks a lot

User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#2
maybe a new processor, which would need a new mobo as well. Other than that, you already beat consoles. Hell with the processor you have, it still will
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User Info: merqabah

4 years ago#3
would a new processor make much of a difference?
thx again

User Info: Vindication123

4 years ago#4
A new processor will keep the GPU running at full specs and not bottleneck it somewhere.

For games that are CPU bound, you might be able to make use of 2133 RAM if you can support it.

But, the best resource would be larger L3 caches.
'The Intel i7-3770 if you're rich, the i5 2500K, i53570 or i53570k if you're doing okay, the AMD A10-5800K or i3 if you're just about hanging in there.'

User Info: Dragnfyr

4 years ago#5
The i5 650 is a dual core.
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