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Quite impressed with Intel HD 4000

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User Info: MalifacentX

4 years ago#21
Yes, it is impressive for integrated. Will it ever replace a dedicated card? Certainly not. I don't play many of the more open world titles so Stalker and Sleeping Dogs won't be much of a deal breaker for me. I have found, however, that simply turning off AA or SSAO will allow me to run a lot of titles perfectly on fairly high settings, such as New Vegas and Shogun: Total War 2.

Having learned the ins and outs of what the card can do, it helps me be more choosy about the titles I pick up for it. I do have to say that I like going back and playing a lot of the older titles on maxed out settings... titles I missed back in the day, such as Armed and Dangerous.
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User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#22
PhilOnDez posted...
Do you have minecraft? People ask how it runs on that gpu on that board all the time and someone ends up recommending a laptop with an APU that magically somehow runs the game better than my 3570k/670 when I know that's not possible because my 2.9ghz phenom II x4 bottlenecks that game at 40 fps and I don't see how they're getting 100-200 fps on a 1.8ghz APU with everything maxed.

Probably because they're not. I always take visual/performance claims on the Internet with a grain of salt as often people can't tell their FPS from their behind, and guestimate their framerate (though how you can claim you're getting 100fps when you're not is beyond me).
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#23
Minecraft has a built in frame counter, as well as a way to tell you what it's doing and what's slowing it down. It's not all that graphically intensive so I'd believe those frame rates even with that GPU if they had a processor that I knew was more powerful than the one I've had so much trouble with. It bottlenecks that system at 40 FPS (All it has is IGP, but my frame rates are consistent even when I have a 32x pack on with fancy graphics enabled unless I'm near a jungle) while in already generated chunks, though moving to new areas drops me down to 20 or so until all the chunks are generated.
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