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What kind of chair are you sitting on?

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User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#31
Racing-styled bucket seat in my cockpit.

User Info: cjburn851

4 years ago#32
an old plastic crate
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User Info: CyrusV

4 years ago#33
Staples Lockridge chair. Bought it on sale for $40.

User Info: BlueRamza

4 years ago#34
Lazyboy Recliner. Comfy as Hell.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

4 years ago#35
I sit on my dog, its very comfortable actually.
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User Info: Acquire

4 years ago#36

I love it. Big, leathery, cheap, and very comfortable.
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User Info: spanishbob

4 years ago#37
I had a KAB Controller. It was gifted to me by a friend of my dad's when he decided to emigrate about 10 or so years ago. At the time I had no idea of the value of it. The base broke after many years and I threw it away, only to discover when searching online that the chair costs around £850 and I could have replaced the base by contacting KAB direct ¬.¬ I wish I looked before throwing it out... it was the most comfortable chair that I'd ever used. Admittedly now I want to get the KAB ACS, but they're about £1200. Currently using a leather office chair that I picked up secondhand for £30 on Ebay. Comfy, but nowhere near Controller levels of comfort.

User Info: KamenRiderBlade

4 years ago#38
I'm thinking of getting this chair
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#39
I get big and tall chairs.

Coz I'm big. And tall.

And they break otherwise. 350LB limit FTW!!!1
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User Info: RolloverBouncin

4 years ago#40
A wooden kitchen chair. My previous office chair was destroyed from abuse ;)

Took me awhile to get used to of the hard wood but now my bottom feels comfy.
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