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Tomb Raider vs Bioshock Infinite

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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

4 years ago#41
TR kinda felt like a dreary and cynical copy of Uncharted to me. It was like "hey guys, we couldn't figure out how to make the classic action adventure formula work, so we did what everyone else has been doing for half a decade and made another cover based shooter in fashionable brown-o-vision. Unfortunately we cannot really compete with Uncharted's writing, characters, pacing and spectacle, but here's Lara's lifeless body flopping around in the currents after she's been impaled right through her chin. Also, here's 4 different and utterly pointless upgrades that let you execute people. We really are mature like that. Don't worry about the possibility of not enjoying it either. We focus-tested this thing to death, so it must be good."

BI felt like a game with a clear vision. TR felt like a game designed by desperate boardroom members.
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User Info: Gamerdog6482

4 years ago#42
Maybe it's because I played TR on my PS3 and Infinite on my PC, but Infinite blows TR out of the water in my opinionionionion.
Which is really saying something because TR was spectacular.


4 years ago#43
Tomb Raider was way better.
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