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"Proper" way to swap a GPU of the same family?

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User Info: YaLikeDags

4 years ago#1
Been borrowing a 660 superclocked for the past few days or so while my 670 ftw is being RMA'd. Installed the 660 sc with a fresh install of Windows, drivers, etc. I get my 670 back tomorrow and I'm wondering, can I just swap the cards without messing with drivers or anything of the sort?

Or is there a more proper way to do it?

Using 320.49 whql drivers.

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User Info: wildog2006

4 years ago#2
should be able to just pop the 670 back in and go
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User Info: bkkorps

4 years ago#3
it should be fine to just swap, but it probably wouldnt hurt to just reinstall your video card drivers.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#4
Pull it out, pop in the new one, that's it. They use the same driver.
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User Info: WeaponX1138

4 years ago#5
You give it thirty two hundred bucks, then you gotta turn your back on it.
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