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Lenovo Ideapad Y510p Caddy + SSD

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User Info: omniholy

4 years ago#1
So I bought this laptop and now I want to get an SSD for it.

I heard that the y500 caddy should fit the y510p properly

There is an actual y510p caddy but it costs more

For the SSD, I plan to get the crucial m4 128GB 2.5"

Thoughts on this? Does anyone know if the y500 caddy will fit? I plan to get my OS onto the SSD. Is there a better SSD I should get because I read they might brick sometimes.
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User Info: cancerstorm

4 years ago#2
from what i read about the y500/y510, the chassis is the same so i would think that it fits. it's just a $10 difference anyways so i'd go with getting y510 caddy instead

and if you got a y500 why do you want a ssd instead of putting that thing in sli
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