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Computer won`t let me install programs

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User Info: doomfist

4 years ago#1
I just built a new computer and everything is working fine but a couple of things.

When I use the internet and head to google I search for something and if i click on any of the search sites it redirects me to a random website that has a lot of pop ups.

I can`t install anything. I try downloading a program like real player and it downloads but it doesn`t actually show up any where I save it to. Even if I run instead of saving...nothing.

I also can not create any new folders.

I hope this isn`t off topic any help would be great thanks
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User Info: fatali

4 years ago#2
You may want to format and reinstall windows, sounds like you have a virus. Next time before going online install something to protect you.

There was a DNS takeover that started yesterday, you may have been affected.
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