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Public Notice. Don't buy indies through steam/gog.

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User Info: man_of_power05

4 years ago#61
TimePharaoh posted...
man_of_power05 posted...
the thing is steam doesn't feel like drm. you can play games offline (except the first time), you can install the games on any number of computers, it doesn't install malware on your computer, etc

steam still is drm but the least intrusive kind there is

but my point is don't sony, nintendo, and microsoft get an ever bigger cut of sales than steam? i always thought that was the case and that's why full retail games are always $10 more on consoles than pc. if you really want an example of a game you should buy on steam, take a look at poker night 2. $10 on psn. $5 on steam. Retail games cost more because of store markup. Or did you think they don't make any money? lol. And it's a lot more than $10, unless you think BestBuy buys a game from the publisher at $50, then sells it for $60....lolwut

i doubt that. pc games that are sold by retail stores are still $10 less than the console versions. exceptions are ea and activision games that are $60 regardless of platform because they're greedy bastards.

User Info: Amici

4 years ago#62
How do I buy Spelunky through the devs? I can't seem to find the buying page for the PC version at the official site. I always try to do that, buy from the devs, especially if I get a Steam key too.
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User Info: EugeneE3RD

4 years ago#63
Companies like steam, gog, etc have to take a cut because the developers are using them for the sales, downloads of their games, etc.

Steam and Gog are very popular and can't help indie developers sell more copies because of the amount of people who use the sites.

Also remember, Microsoft takes a cut of XBLA indie games also and so does Sony.
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