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Issues with Computer Build

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User Info: rkpeagle

4 years ago#1
I built my first computer yesterday and everything went smooth up until it was time to install Windows. After I installed it and started installing Window updates, I got a BSoD in which I reinstalled Windows.

I spent about 3 hours installing everything for the drivers and updates, had no issues at all. I powered off and tied down the cables.

I woke up this morning and the computer turned on then it turned itself off. At first I thought it could be something with overheating but the temps are around 35c. I unplugged everything and started plugging everything back in.

As of now, the computer is working and I only have one 8GB Ripjaw RAM in, but Windows had crashed so I have to re-install the updates and drivers.

My question is, does this seem like it's a sign of what happens if you have bad stick of RAM? A computer turning on then shutting off and restarting multiple times.

Obviously, it seems like it is but I just want some clarification because I can work with one stick of RAM. The computer has been on the past hour and no issues but I just want to make sure before I install anything, incase it crashes again.
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