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more free keys

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User Info: deathpainter

4 years ago#1
Take em if you want em.

Dead Space Steam - P9KMV-247IV-IWVHE
Mirror's Edge Steam - YTI0Y-T0LTH-RM8JE
Burnout Paradise Origin - HFNN-SSN6-X24E-K82B-47NG
Crysis 2 Origin - GYZH-RHPK-5GRV-2G9Q-SFRC
Medal of Honor Origin - HHRZ-966X-S5NK-JCL8-AJC7

User Info: coolpal23

4 years ago#2
Got crysis 2 Thanks!
|Asus Z77|Two 1Gb 7850 HIS XFire| 1866 8Gb G.skill| i5 3570K 3.4Ghz
Steam: Lyokofanatic[G77F] "Fact and fiction, where do you draw the line?"

User Info: Jettatura

4 years ago#3
Thanks, got the Dead Space code.

User Info: zman133

4 years ago#4
Tried to grab mirror's edge, but was taken :(
Not deleting this sig until Nintendo announces a new 2D Zelda ~ 10/04/2007

User Info: Xanity

4 years ago#5
Got Mirror's Edge, thanks!

User Info: __Cam__

4 years ago#6
Damn. All taken.
You're awesome.

User Info: THEB0SS666

4 years ago#7
Medal of honor great.
dell xps 7100 gtx 660sc 8gb ram amd phenom x6 1045t 3.2ghz 1.5tbhdd
Moderators are filthy disgusting creatures.

User Info: NicoC96

4 years ago#8
THEB0SS666 posted...
Medal of honor great.

Singleplayer wasn't that bad, but online is pretty CoD-ish. I got the Limited Edition version like a year after release because no one bought it...


4 years ago#9
Anyone got any keys left ? i really want lik crysis 2 , and medal of honor but i take all keys :)
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