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I do not understand the Battlefield community.

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4 years ago#41
Orestes417 posted...
Old Battlefield started with Deathmatch as one of it's primary modes. As for the servers that are up, that's on what the community itself wants and the filters you're using. Don't want to see TDM? Uncheck the damned box. It's not rocket surgery

A lot of the people criticizing BF3 for not living up to BF2 standards either never played BF2 or are looking back through rose colored glasses. When the game was just released, a friend of mine thought it was such a let down. According to him, BF2 was such a great game, but BF2 (at that stage) was troubled by bugs, a bad server browser and imbalance in the weapons.... Clearly he was not around for the release of BF2, or he would know that BF2 had the exact same issues. Not that it is ok, but frantic action in a bit of a messed up game was battlefield in a nutshell for me. Never in the franchise was this a buttery smooth competitively balanced e-sports game. This is not the most important aspect of a battlefield game.
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User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#42
I'll stick to CD:GO.
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  3. I do not understand the Battlefield community.

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