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Best PC golf game?

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User Info: TheOneRunning

4 years ago#1
I'm tired of the free-to-play iPhone golf games i need something more! So what's the best one out there right now?
Another great post brought to you by TheOneRunning; conducting posting excellence one post at a time!

User Info: Requiem

4 years ago#2
Copyright free literature available at otherwise known as Tex-Mex

User Info: Grimlink132

4 years ago#3
fuji golf

User Info: DerPancake

4 years ago#4
Polar golf.
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User Info: dashgr

4 years ago#5
Requiem posted...!
It's come to this...

User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#6
Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf
^ this

User Info: Grimlink132

4 years ago#7
Requiem posted...

o man i remember watching this guys reveiws like 5 years ago. I totally forgot about him and am now going to watch some more

User Info: Mitsufreak

4 years ago#8
Links 2003 is probably still the best golf game. You can play free on world tour golf and it's pretty decent. (just google it)

User Info: DeanWhipper

4 years ago#9
Jack Nicholas Golden Bear Challenge.

"That ball finds the deep rough"
Is this even legal?

User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#10
Lee Carvalos Putting Challenge
^ this
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