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Q about PC version of Mirror's Edge and PhysX

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User Info: Tivor

4 years ago#1
I've seen videos of Mirror's Edge with PhysX effects with fabrics blowing in the air and stuff.

Is that the kind of PhysX effect that requires an Nvidia card? Or is it the kind that can run off CPU and be seen on AMD card as well?
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User Info: dekou

4 years ago#2
It requires an NVidia card.

User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

4 years ago#3
Nvidia. Amd performance will suffer.
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User Info: Snight01

4 years ago#4
Forget physx. It's horribly optimized even on nvidia
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User Info: Khronickana

4 years ago#5
I fired it up with PhysX, thinking It wouldnt be that bad, like BL2. Everything was fine up until you got to a part on the second level where swat comes at you. With my 7970 i was dropping down to maybe 4-7 fps, I didn't have any monitoring software, but it was a literal slideshow. PhysX is totally not worth it if you don't have an Nvidia card.
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User Info: romsnbombs

4 years ago#6
Yeah, I remember when I have a 5850, the performance was terrible, down to like 5 fps, because it's using the CPU on 1 core only.

I fired the game up the other day, didn't drop below 140 fps on the GTX 780
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User Info: wheepitup

4 years ago#7
This is a known issue with Mirror's have to delete the old PhysX files that come with the game so it forces the game to use the newer drivers.

That post explains how. Fixed it for me and I'm on a single laptop nvidia GPU, I get flawless performance after that fix.
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