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IGN gives Gone Home a 9.5

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User Info: Snight01

4 years ago#31
dont buy it.. omg i just got suckered..., man this game sucked... the sister is SPOILERS

Lesbian that runs away with her friend that plays street fighter in a arcade. The game ends with the older sister reading a farewell note of her younger sister stealing the car to go off into the sunset with her female lover.

It took me a half hour to complete the game and!
Worst Optimized PC Games
Diablo 3 (SSD Needed), Metro 2033. Crysis 3, Slender The Arrival, GTA4

User Info: Goldninja

4 years ago#32
That ign reviewer must be smoking the good stuff.
You guys just took a dump on my soul - mastahjebus - Petition to make phone unlocking legal again
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