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Want to upgrade my Prebuilt a little further, done GPU+PSU. Cpu+mobo questions.

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User Info: ForTheHorde117

4 years ago#1
Hi guys, I have been working on my prebuilt HP pc for a few months now. For reference I am trying to be able to play Planetside 2 on all ultra settings with Physx enabled.

System: i5 3470 CPU 3.2 gHz (3.6 turbo) / 12GB DDR3 RAM / GTX 760 / 630w PSU / IPMMB-FM Formosa mobo / Windows 8 64bit

I upgraded from my terrible stock video card (GT 520) to a GTX 650 and this allowed me to play on high settings with no issues. Never crashed, got decent FPS around 40 at idle 30 in a big battle. Now recently I replaced my power supply to a 630 watt and installed a GTX 760.

I can now run the game with a solid 40fps in any situation, and cranked the graphics all the way, but after about 15minutes of playing the game totally disappears and CTD very quickly with no error. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I know the game is very CPU hungry, could that be it?

If I did decide to upgrade CPU which I think is the next step I should take, I have a bit of an issue. The FORMOSA mobo has no BIOS which supports overclocking, and that seems to kinda kill any
reason of upgrading CPU for a small boost in power. I am not totally comfortable swapping a
motherboard, can anyone convince me that it is not that hard?

So last question is with my current system, what would be the best CPU/Mobo combo to buy for a not too astronomical price? Or other course of action that will put me in the "Decent gaming PC" range instead of "Half decent"

Thanks in advance
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User Info: Lonestar2000

4 years ago#2
I doubt it is the CPU. Isn't the game buggy?
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User Info: GreenMage7

4 years ago#3
Honestly, there really isn't much point. Your CPU is more than fine for gaming. You could upgrade and get a little more performance, but it would be a horrible waste of money. Considering you're the type of guy who opted for a 650 (a mid range but good card) and then a 760, you will not be happy spending the amount you'd have to spend in that area to get any difference you can notice. Honestly, it's a nice CPU.

User Info: Deathblz

4 years ago#4
That CPU is fine.

A few things:

-Update/reinstall GPU drivers

-Grab a temperature monitoring program, such as HWMonitor: Most cases from major manufacturers have poor airflow. If your new GPU has added any extra heat to your case, either it or other components might be overheating. Leave the temp-monitoring program running while you play and post the max temps here.

-Can you post a link to the PSU you bought? If you went too cheap, it could be part of the problem.

-If you upgrade your CPU + mobo, you might have to buy a new copy of Windows. The copy that comes with prebuilt computers (OEM) is tied to the motherboard. If you upgrade, it will ask you to reactivate. Microsoft's official policy is to not allow a reactivation in this situation, unless the original mobo died and is being replaced with one of the same brand and model. And even if a specific representative lets someone reactivate, Microsoft could still punish both the rep and the user.
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User Info: ForTheHorde117

4 years ago#5
Thanks for the feedback guys. To answer the first question, yeah the game does have optimization issues. I do have a Temp/GPU monitor running, neither seem to overheat (stay around 50-68C or so rarely see any higher) however when I play Planetside the CPU frequently hits the top of the meter and is usually up there when the game crashes. I will try reinstalling the drivers or maybe rolling back to a previous version. So from what I'm hearing, upgrading my PC any further besides getting ANOTHER GPU (hah) isn't really going to make too much of a difference? I really just want to be able to play this one game on max without having it crash on me, everything else runs fine. :\ thanks a lot for the help.
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User Info: spanishbob

4 years ago#6
I doubt you'll be playing it maxed (at 1080p anyway) with Physx turned on with that card. Not at any kind of playable framerate anyway. I have to turn Physx off on my 2 x 3gb 580 SLI setup otherwise the framerate drops too much, but I am running at 1440p. Even when I was using my AW2310 with it, I still had severe framerate drops with Physx on. You never know, it might be the cause of the CTD's.

User Info: spanishbob

4 years ago#7
I should also point out, that with Physx turned on, I get great framerates still UNTIL I get some kind of Physx effect on screen in PS2. The jump pads for instance, the moment they're on screen and swirling around that's it, severe frame drops. Bear in mind I haven't turned the option back on in a while, so it might not be so bad nowadays, but it's something to keep in mind.

User Info: ForTheHorde117

4 years ago#8
I definitely see where you're coming from, however when I run Physx with everything maxed I can maintain 37-40 fps even in a big primetime fight with pew pew lasers everywhere while getting healed. Its just that after 10 minutes or so, poof. my computer doesn't hang up or anything its just an instant crash. The reason i think your setup might have trouble with physx is because I believe PS2 handles SLI horribly, 1440p can't make it much better. Or so I've heard.
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User Info: redrum187

4 years ago#9
tc you might want to replace the stock exhaust fan with something that moves more air.
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