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bundle pricing question

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User Info: nightshadeA

4 years ago#1
ok this chairty it a buck for all the games except sims 3 and the other one or per game.... im new to steam orgin gog ect so i dont know how it works exactly (glad they ,didnt have this when i was a pc gameer 10-15 years ago of been bankrupt)
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User Info: Shpoople

4 years ago#2
Yeah $1+ gets you all the games bar the beat the average (BTA) games.

User Info: sauruschamp1

4 years ago#3
ok if you pay $1 you get all of the games except sims and battlefield 3. If you pay over the current average you get every game. Also usually in the second week they add a couple of extra games to the bundle; If you have already bought it before they were added they automatically get unlocked for you but if you have yet to buy the bundle then you have to pay over the average for them.

As part of this deal you get individual origin codes for each game and for a couple of them you get steam keys as well (there is a steam logo under the picture of the game on the homepage).

Usually in the deals its pay what you want for a drm free copy of the game you download straight from them and $1 or more for steam keys and then above the average for the extra games. Of course the current deal is slightly different.

I would recommend making an account with them that way all of your steam keys and downloads will be there so you just have to sing in to access them in the future. Also you can by extra copies of the bundles and tick them as gifts and it will give you a url you can email to someone.
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User Info: ViperEO2

4 years ago#4
Usually the average price will be higher when the second round of games is out so I usually just buy early as possible.
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