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So what's so bad about Origin?

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User Info: gfrequency

4 years ago#71
Origin is associated with EA. Simple as that. EA could give a million bucks to a cancer charity and gamers would find a way to twist it around into some sort of personal attack on their integrity as consumers.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

User Info: Zukkus

4 years ago#72
For me, the UI is not very user-friendly.
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User Info: Welverin

4 years ago#73
Saber_Dark posted...
It may be missing features that Steam has but it also has some that Steam doesn't have (simultaneous downloads for one).

Twitch TV support, Steam has no video streaming support of any kind.

hypersonic2000 posted...
Then there is also the obvious stuff that are missing. Like having a community page or things like metacritic score when a customer goes to a game that he may want to buy. Just simple and little things like that which might make the difference.

You guys desperately need to add screenshot functionality, wishlists, and gifting.

TrueGB posted...
The only really bad thing I've heard about Origin is that one time a guy at Bioware called EA "the devil" at their forums. They banned his account for a few days, but apparently these accounts are tied to Origin, so when they ban your Origin account, they can ban you from not only using their services, but also lock you out of any Origin connected game.

I do believe that's not true, but I can't remember for sure.
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User Info: khaled_786

4 years ago#74
Well I couldn't activate any of the games from the Humble Bundle, but that was most likely due to the heavy traffic. It seems fine at the moment, but as people have said, Steam is better overall. Still, I myself have no major issues with it, at the moment anyway.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#75
My two reasons:

1. It's made by EA, reason enough to not use it.
2. They actually removed games from other services to make them Origin exclusive

User Info: CyhortI82

4 years ago#76
My biggest problem is with BF3 and having to load it from the a browser, but I think that's just a BF3 PC problem and not an Origin one. Other than that, I haven't really had problems with it.
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User Info: airfoemoe

4 years ago#77
For me personally. Steam is better and I have no desire to use to services. I also dislike that they withheld games like BF3, Mass Effect 3, and others from Steam.

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#78
It seems slow and annoying and generally worse than Steam, and I don't tend to like the games on it (that I can't play elsewhere) anyways.

Ubisofts's thing is worse though, had to use that to play Far Cry 3 and it's terrible.
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4 years ago#79
It's pretty good now-a-days. It had it's launch issues (though steam did too), and it was the first shop to force people to split up their game library by making game exlusive to origin and not be released at all on steam.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#80
Shub posted...

This. It's nothing to do with it not being Steam. If that was the only problem I wouldn't care. But I'll be damned if I buy games on a service that will ban me if someone else insults me on its forums.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
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