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I can't decide what color Fractal Design Define R4 to get

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  3. I can't decide what color Fractal Design Define R4 to get

User Info: Snuckie7

4 years ago#11
rareware101 posted...
martiandude806 posted...
I can't recommend the Samsung 840. Too many drawbacks to TLC flash (slow write speeds and shorter lifespan) to make the cost savings worth it, IMO.

The 840 Pro line is where it's at. I have a 512 running my gaming tower, and a 128 inside my MacBook. They're probably the most expensive SSDs you can buy, but I don't feel like you should compromise on the quality of your storage. Spend the extra $50 and have some piece of mind.

Rubbish. The higher write speeds are pointless unless you will actually use of them. Once OS, programs and games are installed, how often do home users do huge writes? Practically never. Life cycle is a moot point as any decent SSD will outlast you system by years. The 120gb is slightly inferior to the rest of the range but they're still the drive to buy:

This. The EVO's nearly as fast as the Pro anyways with its newer controller.
Intel Core i7 3820 | EVGA X79 SLI K2 | MSI 7950 Twin Frozr III | Samsung / 840 120GB / 8GB RAM | 1TB WD Caviar Blue | Corsair / 550D / H70 | Silencer MKIII 600W

User Info: mrCube

4 years ago#12
Snuckie7 posted...
About the build, these are the changes I would make:

This motherboard

This SSD

And this CPU cooler if you're willing to buy from NCIX

Why go with that motherboard? It's a bit less expensive but is missing a few things from the Asus.

I do like the blue color scheme though
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  3. I can't decide what color Fractal Design Define R4 to get

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