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Free Steam Keyys

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User Info: SurfinClubStyle

4 years ago#11
x_stevey_x posted...
Mystical_NEET posted...
Steam key for BF3:


ty so much ! i claimed it. how come when i install it says 0 other players online?

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User Info: SlashmanSG

4 years ago#12
WyzeGye posted...
SlashmanSG posted...
It seems some nice person took the Crysis 2 key and didn't say thanks.

check your inbox

You are, in fact, The Man. Thanks a bunch!!
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User Info: WyzeGye

4 years ago#13
No problem. I redeemed everything on Origin without even noticing that there were steam keys. |

User Info: x_stevey_x

4 years ago#14
i pood on my kitty :(

User Info: OllyKiriyama

4 years ago#15
Damn Mirror's Edge is gone :(
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