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Would this work? (laptop wifi-bridge related)

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User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#11
jakeDiLLa posted...
Understand I would just go and buy a bridge/extender/powerline adapter, BUT (this is a big but) I have a ton of computer related stuff that sits around being useless, and I like to try and get rid of it or make use of it.

gastaman posted...

The type of Ethernet cable won't matter, since you are connecting through a router, which, more than likely, has auto-switching ports.

Keep in mind, you'll probably just want to disable DHCP on the second router, effectively just utilizing it as a switch.

Also, is it not possible for you to just move the ISP provided router to a more convenient location? They aren't permanently bound to the location they are installed to initially.

Thanks a lot, this is the answer I was looking for :)

My ISP modem is connected to telephone line. I have tried moving it to another phone line upstairs but I believe some sort of filter was installed and since someone has been redoing the basement, it has been reduced to mess of wires. Every technician from my ISP/TV provider I've dealt with seems to do things in the STUPIDEST WAY POSSIBLE. I mean, who brings an HD Satellite box to hook up to an HDTV with COMPONENT INPUT ONLY and doesn't tell anyone that I CAN'T USE IT because it only has HDMI output.

Sorry to vent a bit there but these guys make my life as difficult as they possibly can while sucking money out of my wallet.

so its the satellite companies fault that your crappy TV doesnt have hdmi?
^ this

User Info: jakeDiLLa

4 years ago#12
Nice attempt to troll, but

A. I didn't say it was their fault

B. If a technician comes to install an HD box to an HDTV that is not compatible with the box guess what? The best course of action is to tell someone that it won't be compatible and I will either have to upgrade the box or get a converter, not install it as a Standard Definition box and leave as if no one would notice the difference.
i5 3570k / Gigabyte 7970 WF3 3GB / 8GB DDR3 / 120GB SSD
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