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can anyone tell me the name of this software?

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  3. can anyone tell me the name of this software?

User Info: metaIslugg

4 years ago#1
that i had

basically it was the same as CCleaner, a clean-up software, but it was even better than CCleaner

it had a long-ish name

it had tools like cleaning deleted files (as in, files that are set to be overwritten but are technically still there because they haven't been overwritten by anything)

it had tools to delete temporary files, search history, recently used files, the works

does someone know of anything like this? it was a cleaning software like CCleaner

it is a bit vague but yeah. it was really good i just wish i could remember the name!! augh

User Info: WyzeGye

4 years ago#2
I know exactly what you're talking about. but the name is escaping me too |

User Info: squarenixfan119

4 years ago#3
Spybot: Search and Destroy?

User Info: DGenerateKane

4 years ago#4
EaseUS CleanGenius has all those functions I believe.
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  3. can anyone tell me the name of this software?

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