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This is irritating....Pewdiepie is #1 on Youtube in subscribers...

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  3. This is irritating....Pewdiepie is #1 on Youtube in subscribers...


4 years ago#121
I should point out that it's equally sad that this is the hottest thread on this board right now... in fact I'd say it's even more sad than the dude being good at youtube.
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User Info: nintendoboy333

4 years ago#122
This is just a theory, a GAME THEORY.
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User Info: Shacky_101

4 years ago#123
LOL I thought I am the only one who thinks hes overated.

Is it just me or is youtube full of complete idiots? BTW what do you guys think of UberHaxorNova? I think hes pretty funny.
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User Info: 1337toothbrush

4 years ago#124
FRo3tBLo0d posted...
Anyone who hates on someone because of their success is a jealous loser. Just saying. I don't watch Pewdiepie but good for him. He put in the work and got the subs.

Except he didn't put in the work proportional to the earnings. That's the point. This "more work = more money = more success" meme is terrible and is the reason why the terrible economic system we have exists. Hey, good for him that he's making millions, but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking he actually earned it. I would think we'd reward people for what they bring to society. Instead the order of reward goes something like this:

1) Being born into a wealthy family.
2) Being in a high position in a "too big to fail" institution like a big bank (usually goes hand-in-hand with #1).
3) Acting like an idiot in front of a camera (well, I suppose this helps support the previous two, by giving the masses the circus part of "bread and circuses" so they can ignore reality).

User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#125
TC,u cant figure why he is famous?

let me tell you few things

1.justin bieber kardashian
3.nicki minaj of duty
5.swag,yolo other crap etc

go figure it out
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User Info: Timbo418

4 years ago#126
At least he's not DarkSydePhil.
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User Info: DaedalusEx

4 years ago#127
I'm sure this has already been stated, but if you feel that he doesn't deserve his fame because he "does nothing," feel free to go and do nothing and find similar success. It doesn't require much effort to do nothing, after all.

The fact is that he does something, something that you can't, something that most people can't, and you simply don't understand what it is, so you're angry.

User Info: bubbas111

4 years ago#128
Slayn posted...
Considering that crap reality shows and American Idol is #1 on TV, why is anyone surprised?

American Idol used to be good so I don't know why you are complaining about that. The new judges suck though. Still is semi interesting to watch to hear vocal performances.

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
4 years ago#129
runrom posted...
My life is just a little bit better that I don't know this guy nor watch his videos. My life is even better given that I don't need to harbor resentment to affirm the earlier.

Edit: Just to clarify, I used to watch Angry Video Game Nerd when I was younger. The same type of angry vulgar commentary that AVGN used is similar to the same demographic enjoys pewdiepew or similar types of videos. Then I grew up, stopped watching and moved on. I'll give people who are fans of this guy the same benefit of finding out for themselves if they want to continue or move on from this type of humor.

AVGN did some good videos back before he was mega popular. Then, like Epic Meal Time, and everything else on Youtube he jumped the shark and started mailing in his videos just for the hits or to sate his ego.

That and his ego exploded to intolerable levels.

Pewdiepie is just f***ing stupid and never did anything to deserve one penny he has made. In a lot of ways he is more similar to Athene.
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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#130
From: Bissomoneybags | #001
I can't help but sit and wonder why this guy is the most subscribed on Youtube.

Do yourself a favor and stop caring about what goes on on youtube. Most of the stuff that gets popular is worse than stupid (Annoying Orange for example) and it's basically like complaining "why is Jersey Shore a thing? Who would want to watch a bunch of idiots act like idiots on a reality TV show?". Same thing, different medium.

I don't care about pewpewpew (not even enough to spell it right), I don't care about Justin Bieber either.... I'm not the target demographic.

Also, do ME a favor and quit mentioning the guy. This is seriously like the 2nd or 3rd topic about him in as many days.
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  3. This is irritating....Pewdiepie is #1 on Youtube in subscribers...

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