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What version of Windows are you using?

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User Info: goothgone514

4 years ago#51
RedFive3 posted...
Win 7 Ultimate 64. I have no plans to get 8 anytime soon.

User Info: kjellboy

4 years ago#52
Running Windows 8 Pro and I have yet encountered any problems with it. even better performance as well compared to Windows 7, where I did encounter a few problems. :)
| Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Pro | CPU: Intel i5 2500k | GPU: Asus DirectCU II OC GTX 680 | RAM: 8 GB | I know that the motherboard is a bottleneck.

User Info: josh_bazzell

4 years ago#53
7 Ultimate 64 on my personal system, 8 on my mother in laws comp. I cannot stand 8 based on the fact that I had to spen a bunch of time just getting rid of the metro screen and adding back a start menu. I use both almost daily and really prefer 7 especially from a professional viewpoint, I know my windows shortcuts and am just used to 7.
My gaming rig: ASUS G73JW: I7 740qm, 8 gigs ddr3, Nvidia Geforce 460m.
I like single player games. Nothing is quite as enjoyable as playing with myself.

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#54
Windows 8 Pro, got it during the $40 promo. I'm quite pleased with it, quite a few improvements. My only beef is the awkwardness of switching between "Metro" apps and regular apps, although you can get around that using Alt+Tab.
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