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Sign if you didn't buy the EA humble bundle

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User Info: XNo_FearX

4 years ago#31
I bought it just because. Im probably not gonna play those games anytime soon.
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User Info: Knight2520

4 years ago#32
From: YoungAdultLink | #002
It's a charity bundle, EA gets no money out of it. You can't give them any money through the bundle if you want to.
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User Info: Uozzor

4 years ago#33
Don't have a credit card, and my mom doesn't want me to buy any more gaming related things for awhile (bought like 3 games in the same month, in my defense most were on sale). But I did get a Crysis 2 key from one of those spare key topics.
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User Info: Magnemight

4 years ago#34
why is "too lazy to install Origin" not an option
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User Info: arleas

4 years ago#35
From: Magnemight | #034
why is "too lazy to install Origin" not an option

you only need origin for 3 of the games on the bundle (so far).... Dead space 3, BF3 and Sims 3... The rest have steam keys... If you don't beat the average then it turns into only ONE game without a steam key.

User Info: SnipeStar

4 years ago#36
no, because the only games im interested in are origin only
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User Info: Golden_Gonads

4 years ago#37
Mystical_NEET posted...
EA gets a pre-decided cut of all proceeds. That is a fact good sirs.

Normally with a bundle the publisher/developer gets a cut, but as it clearly states on the Humble Bundle website, EA have chosen to donate everything to charity. The only part of what you pay that isn't going to charity is Humble Bundles tip.

All EA are getting out of this is good publicity and a bunch of people using Origin.

User Info: Pr0t0typeG0d

4 years ago#38
DaedalusEx posted...
Where's the option for "no, because they are crap games"?
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User Info: eternalblue02

4 years ago#39
Nope will not give EA a dime. Dead Space 3 was the last they will get from me.

If you bought into it, that's your business nothing against you or anything. For me my money is better well spent.

User Info: SilentCaay

4 years ago#40
Where is the "No, I wasn't interested" option? The only game I would have been truly interested in was ME but I own it. I also wouldn't have minded Crysis 2 or The Sims 3. I got C2 for free on these forums and Sim3 wasn't for Steam so, in the end, I simply didn't have reason to buy it.
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